Who Is Haley Georgia?

Get to know Haley Georgia, one of Country music's newest faces. 

Who Is Haley Georgia?

Meet Haley Georgia. She is one of Country music’s newest faces, and she isn’t afraid to be herself.

Get to know her with the exclusive Q&A and premiere of “Who Is Haley Georgia (Part 2)” below.

What drew you to Country music?
The first song that made me fall in love with country music was ‘Your Cheatin’ Heart’. I loved the story and all the stories that country music songs tell. I think that country music allows me to be super honest in all my songwriting and allows me to speak my mind whenever I want to.

Who are some of your musical influences?
I love Taylor Swift. I love Eric Church. I love Keith Urban. I’m a big Kacey Musgraves fan. Those are probably my favorites.

What would you want fans who are unfamiliar with your music to know about it?
I think I would just want to say that my favorite artists are Miranda Lambert and Eric Church. The most honest artists are the ones that made me want to do music. I try to keep it real at all times, and so I think I would just want them to know going in that it’s all real.

You are great at interacting with your fans via social media. Can you talk about how important that is to you? 
I don’t know that I would have any friends if it wasn’t for country music. Just music in general for me growing up was always a very unifying experience and getting to go out and play shows and meet people and they’ll come out to other towns that we’ll play in and it’s just mind-blowing. I love sharing music with them and I love when they share music with me and give me their opinions on things. It’s a really special experience that is growing more and more everyday and it’s really exciting.

Tell us about opening up for Chase Rice and Kane Brown.
Chase Rice was amazing. I think back to those couple of days to being out with him, I remember he has this clothing line, Head Down Eyes Up, and it was very interesting to see how almost every single person in the crowd was wearing a piece of clothing from that clothing line. It was cool because one night I went out on stage and I had a Head Down Eyes Up shirt on and I performed in it. It’s kind of like you’re automatically a part of this crew and you just feel like you’re in this really cool club. So that was really awesome to kind of see how he’s developed this culture of this brand that goes even farther beyond his music. And Kane Brown, there’s really no words to describe his fan ship. I mean, he will stay out and do a 3-4 hour meet and greet and is the nicest most down to earth guy. I just don’t have enough good things to say about him. He’s incredible.

Who are your dream tour mates?
Honestly, Kane Brown is one of them. If I ever got to choose, he’s definitely one of them. It would be either Kane Brown, Florida Georgia Line or Jason Aldean. Those are my three.

What’s next for you?
We are in the studio continually working and writing the album. I am a songwriter first, so I write songs pretty much everyday. So we’ll have the album and then hopefully a single coming up here soon, and maybe a couple music videos, which I’m pretty excited about. We are playing Country Thunder and Stagecoach, both in April. We’ve got some really, really big shows coming up and I’m really excited.

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