2Steel Girls Imagine True Love in New Song, ‘In My Head’

Mother-daughter duo 2Steel Girls both know the heartbreak from finding out love isn't as true as expected in the song, "In My Head."

Written by Kelly Brickey
2Steel Girls Imagine True Love in New Song, ‘In My Head’
2Steel Girls; Cover art courtesy Marbaloo

2Steel Girls both know what it’s like to not get those loving feelings reciprocated right back in a relationship, which is where they found the heartbreaking inspiration for their new song, “In My Head.”

Working into more of a bluesy two-step rather than a funky beat, Allison and Krystal sway their voices along the sad song remembering how hard it hurts to find out someone doesn’t love you back in the way you express that passion to them. Hit with the notion of knowing someone only pretends to love you, 2Steel Girls drive home the emotional realization of that tragic moment.

“I think almost everyone can relate to this song. I, for one, experienced this type of pain in a relationship. I loved a guy, who I believed felt the same way about me. I was in shock when I found out, he only ‘thought’ he did. This song describes all the feelings I couldn’t have even put into words at that time. It’s heartbreak…,” Allison explained exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville.

The mother-daughter duo got their start while performing on NBC’s The Voice, where coach Blake Shelton mentored them throughout the competition. Although they didn’t come out on top as the winners of that season, they still won the hearts of so many viewers and landed live performances on Today as well as opening up for comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

They’ve even received praise from people like Shelton, Hoda Kotb, Adam Levine among others who rooted for them on the hit reality competition show.

“In My Head” is out everywhere tomorrow, and their anticipated debut album will arrive sometime this summer.