44th Annual CMA Awards- Possessionista’s Best & Worst Dressed

Written by SLN Staff Writer
44th Annual CMA Awards- Possessionista’s Best & Worst Dressed

Our new fashion contibutor, The Possessionista, recaps the fashion at The 44th Annual CMA Awards

When it comes to Country Music, I’m sort of like a Jonas Brother:

I claim to be abstinent.

But in truth, I’ve totally experimented with Taylor Swift.

So when CountryMusicIsLove asked me to choose the best (and worst) dressed women at this week’s CMA Awards, I was both excited and nervous.

On the one hand, I had an opportunity to be objective. With the exception of Carrie [Underwood] and Taylor, I wasn’t intimately familiar with any of the artists, and I’d be able to review their fashion without any prejudice.

And on the other hand, Country Music fans are fiercely loyal, and insulting your favorite artists might endanger my car, dog or livelihood.

Fortunately my dog is old, and I’m not particularly fond of my car, so here are the best – and worst – fashion highlights from the Superbowl of Sequins: the 2010 CMA Awards.

Best Dressed:

Carrie Underwood in Pamela Rolland

Carrie Underwood in Rafael Cennamo

Martina McBride in DVF

Jennifer Nettles in Carolina Herrara

Leighton Meister in Pucci

Worst Dressed:

Carrie Underwood in Randy Rahm

Carrie Underwood in George Chakra (right)

Sheryl Crow in Zac Posen

Gwyneth Paltrow in Versace

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Who are your best and worst dressed picks?!