8 Questions with Zac Brown Band

Written by SLN Staff Writer
8 Questions with Zac Brown Band

2008 has been a GREAT year for the Zac Brown Band. They’ve toured with acts such has Alan Jackson and Sugarland, released an album The Foundation, and scored their FIRST #1 single last week with their HIT song, “Chicken Fried.” You know we love us some ZBB – we’ve been raving about them for months, and we hope by now, you have their CD and you like what you’re hearing! We got a chance to ask Zac some questions…

CMIL: How did the Zac Brown Band come together?
ZB: I saw them playing with other groups and thought it would be great to have them play with me too.

CMIL: Do you write all of your own songs? Do the lyrics all come from personal experiences?
ZB: Within the band we write all the songs together, 95% comes from personal experience, and the rest are stories based on other people’s perspectives, but they are all about life.

CMIL: Songs like “Toes” and “Where The Boat Leaves From” are such care- free, fun songs and then “Highway 20 Ride” is one that really pulls at the Heart strings – how do you create such a broad range of songs?
ZB: Life throws a lot of different emotions at you, music helps you to remember the good times and helps to get you thru the bad times.

CMIL: What are some of the major life changes that have happened within the last couple of months with the success of “Chicken Fried?”
ZB: I’ve been able to salary my band and crew the way they deserve, as they have all had my back thru thick and thin.

CMIL: You have a very unique (and GREAT) sound – do you strictly classify yourselves as country?
ZB: We’re a Southern band.

CMIL: What was it like playing the Grand Ole Opry?
ZB: Unbelievable, we shared the same stage as legends of country music.

CMIL: What has it been like opening up for country stars like Alan Jackson and Sugarland?
ZB: Great, because those are people that have done what were trying to do, being able to share that with them is an honor.

CMIL: What’s next for the Zac Brown Band? Where do you see yourselves going within country music?
ZB: We’re gonna write the best music possible and put together the best live show we can.

All questions were answered by Zac Brown via e-mail. Special thanks to ZBB and everyone who made this possible!