A Thousand Horses Reunite with Dave Cobb on New Music

This is the first single from their upcoming album (and with their new label home).

A Thousand Horses Reunite with Dave Cobb on New Music
A Thousand Horses; Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

A Thousand Horses are back with a brand new single today (7/17), “A Song to Remember.” Lead singer Michael Hobby co-wrote the track with Brett & Brad Warren and Christopher Stevens. The lyrics, backed by an upbeat southern-rock infused melody, give a glass-half-full outlook post-breakup, singing: When the melody hits me/ Little coke in my whiskey/I’m as close to good as I’m gonna get/ I need a song to remember/ And a drink to forget.  

“We wrote about the purgatory of heartache [and] when you’re going through something like that,” Hobby shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “We’re excited to have a [new label] home and be a part of the [Elektra Records] roster.  

Earlier this year, the group reunited with Smoke producer, Dave Cobb, who helped ATH score their No. 1 hit in 2015. The group was later signed to Cobb’s Elektra Records imprint Low Country Sound after they recorded new music for the next album. 

ATH band members initially met the industry vet ten years ago, before Cobb was the go-to producer for country stars Chris Stapleton and The Highwomen. Guitarist Zach Brown joked, “Dave is almost like a fifth member of our band. We were working with him when we were just young kids making records at his studio.” 

A Thousand Horses; Cover art courtesy of Warner Music Nashville

“A Song to Remember” is the lead single off the group’s forthcoming full project, which they completed during quarantine. Reliving memories, lead guitarist Bill Satcher explained, “[Our bassist] Graham DeLoach is my cousin and next-door neighbor. We did track some bass in the backyard; we were just like, ‘throw the cable over the fence.’ Everyone’s learning some new skills in 2020.”  

Stream “A Song to Remember” on Spotify or Apple now. Find the latest news at athousandhorses.com.