Adam Doleac’s ‘Whiskey’s Fine’ Was Inspired by the Night Before

“The night before inspired it. So, I will leave the details out of that,” Doleac told Sounds Like Nashville with a laugh.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Adam Doleac’s ‘Whiskey’s Fine’ Was Inspired by the Night Before
Adam Doleac; Photo Credit: Ed Rode

If you’re a listener of Sirius XM’s The Highway, you’ve likely become a fan of country newcomer Adam Doleac’s single “Whiskey’s Fine.” The self-dubbed “booty call” track, which has become one of the station’s most-played songs, was written by the singer from a real-life experience.

“The night before inspired it. So, I will leave the details out of that,” Doleac told Sounds Like Nashville with a laugh.

Doleac wrote the sexy tune with songwriter Monty Criswell after Criswell approached him with the title. The two sat down to write and within no time at all, the song had basically written itself.

“He came in with a title and kind of told that to me and I was like, ‘You know what? I’m kind of in the right head space to write that right now,’” he recalled. “We wrote it in probably an hour,  two hours. Really quick. Just me and him on a piano, and it fell right out.”

The previous night’s antics stuck in Doleac’s head and made for a perfect story to go with Criswell’s suggested title.

“I say people have their different devices. ‘You up, what are you doing.’ Blah blah blah. This particular one is always a, ‘You up? I want to go grab some food somewhere late.’ And I knew what that meant…and most times you’re good about, ‘No, not hungry, you know, sorry …’ But sometimes you just get into it and say, ‘We’ll worry about it tomorrow.’ And that was just one of those times,” he conceded.

“Whiskey’s Fine” is one of six songs Doleac had a hand in writing for his self-titled debut EP, all of which portray the Mississippi native in an honest and truthful way.

“I look at my job as if you’re going to listen to my music, my job is to make you feel something, or to take you somewhere in your head. That’s what I try to do through writing and the emotion of a song. I’m a very emotional singer. I’ve never had training. I just, I know if I like it or if I don’t like it, and I tell people I can’t sing it if I don’t mean it, if I don’t feel it. You’ll know if I don’t like it. And I’m a terrible liar in that sense.”

Adam Doleac is currently out on The Highway Finds Tour with High Valley and Ashley McBryde. His self-titled EP, featuring “Whiskey’s Fine,” is available at iTunes now.