Airport Woes

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Airport Woes

Everyone knows holiday travel is THE WORST- it happens to everyone, even some of country music’s hottest stars…

Lady Antebellum’s Dave Haywood burned some time at the airport on Christmas Eve by blogging after his flight had been delayed by FOUR hours. Poor Dave had joked earlier that day while on the Today Show that his flight might be delayed- did he jynx himself? Check out Dave’s blog HERE.

Jack Ingram ran into a few problems at the airport recently as well. After arriving for his flight, Jack realized that he had forgotten his wallet at home! He had no money, no credit cards, and no identification!

“I got this sinking feeling when I realized that I forgot my wallet!” Ingram told AOL’s The Boot. “I knew I didn’t have time to go home and make it back in time for the flight. I decided to forge ahead and see what happens when you don’t have a wallet.”

Jack was lucky…he befriended the lady at the ticket counter who looked him up online then lead him through security. Trouble didn’t end there. Jack was drilled by the TSA when he went through security. They asked him things like “What kind of car do you drive” and “Where do you live,” but he finally made it to his flight. On the way home, Jack was delayed five hours because of an ice storm and had to borrow 20 bucks from a fan to get his truck out of the parking garage! What a trip!

His advice? “If you ever forget your ID and wallet and need to fly, remember this story. It’s going to take you a long time in security and you have to be really nice to the ticket agent and everyone else, but you don’t need to be a recording artist or anything else, just keep your cool and remember who you live with!”

Dave and Jack aren’t the only ones who’ve had trouble at the airport recently. Jimmy Wayne had an unforgettable experience himself. Check it out HERE.