Alexandra Kay Gets Personal on Her Single, ‘Dive Bar Dreamer’

You may recognize her from "Westside" on Netflix.

Alexandra Kay Gets Personal on Her Single, ‘Dive Bar Dreamer’
Alexandra Kay; Photo credit: Curt Simshauser

New country singer Alexandra Kay recently released her mid-tempo single, “Dive Bar Dreamer.” Originally performed on the Netflix series Westside, Kay said of the song, “I wrote [this tune] about my life. I just told my story and it basically wrote itself in 25 minutes.” The lyrics highlight this musical journey, singing, “Dive Bar Dreamer and her dime store boots / She is a constant believer / Sticking to her roots.”

Prior to joining the series, the young performer initially auditioned but didn’t receive a chair turn on NBC’s The Voice. Fortunately, Kay would be receiving a casting call for another show. She tells Sounds Like Nashville, “I got a phone call about 30 days after getting back from my audition at ‘The Voice,’ asking me to audition for this Netflix original series, called ‘Westside.’ Once I got the gig, I flew out to L.A [and] I lived out there for a year and a half … I told [the show’s music director] Keith Harrison, ‘I have a song [and] no one’s ever heard it’… [After] I sang it for him, he [told me], ‘This is it. This is your song.’”

The Netflix reality drama grouped Kay with other up-and-coming singer-songwriters from different genres. On debuting “Dive Bar Dreamer” during the program, Kay shares, “It was nerve-wracking and also fun. I was used to collaborating with other country artists, but the fact that we were all from different genres of music and different backgrounds, we [still] worked together on our songs.” She continued, “[Because] I was able to sing it in front of them first … made it easier to be able to debut it on that stage when we did the workshop for the live show.”

Additionally, Kay has been working on more music for an upcoming “Dive Bar Dreamer” EP release. “Once I met [the producer] Andrew Capra, we started working together. I just knew that he understood me and my direction. I worked with him on every single song that’s going to be on the EP.”

The singer-songwriter further elaborated about her upcoming music release plans, saying, “I have another single coming out called, ‘I Kind of Don’t’… I’m very excited for the world to hear that song.”

In the meantime, Kay continues to post video performances of cover songs for her social media following. She explained, “Social media was the beginning of my career. When I left my first record deal in 2014, the first thing I did: I started uploading cover videos. To my surprise, I gained a following fairly quickly. These people became like family to me. They would give me their feedback, [then] they would share my videos.”

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