Alisa Breaks Down the Barriers of a Break-Up in Exclusive ‘Music City’ Preview

Bryant lets Alisa speak with an open heart to inspire their writing session to the next level of vulernability. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Alisa Breaks Down the Barriers of a Break-Up in Exclusive ‘Music City’ Preview
Music City's Bryant and Alisa; Photo courtesy CMT

The moment a heartbreak crashes someone’s world apart, it’s difficult to let the walls crumble to vulnerability ever again.

In tonight’s (3/22) episode of Music City, Alisa faces the reality of a past relationship when she confronts the issues in a songwriting session with Bryant. Although he doesn’t want to overstep in his position as a creative partner, Alisa allows him to let the floodgates open wide for an opportunity to write a song even more meaningful and emotional than something based off a generic experience.

As Alisa tears up while chatting about her former flame, Bryant intently listens to her flashbacks to form the song into something magic. Alisa pours her heart out during their conversation, and admits to her overwhelming insecurities during the length of their relationship.

“It was a really hard time. I didn’t want to fall in love with him, and I did. I just felt constantly like I wasn’t good enough, but I just stuck around because it was like maybe one day, I’ll be good enough. And then it turns out, he found somebody else who was good enough. But they had a baby and he wasn’t coming back,” she cried.

But out of loss came a beautiful song written by the two of them, in which Alisa addresses love in a personifying way and tells it that she’s moving on one piece at a time.

What lies in store for the rest of the characters remains on a cliffhanger, with Rachyl and Kerry still navigating the rocky parts of their marriage and Jess determining if dating someone like Jackson is worth the risk of losing her values and morals.

The latest episode of Music City will come on tonight, March 22, at 10 p.m. EST on CMT, with new episodes airing every Thursday.