Alyssa Micaela Brings Her Hometown Experiences to Songwriting

Music became Alyssa Micaela's 'Getaway Car' to leave the stereotypical small-town lifestyle for the big city dream in Nashville.

Alyssa Micaela Brings Her Hometown Experiences to Songwriting
Photo courtesy Alliance Media Relations

Hailing from a little town in big Texas, Alyssa Micaela grew a little bit tired and annoyed by the mundane lifestyle of suburbia. So how did she break out of her hometown bubble? By writing a song about it, of course!

Her story began by a twist of fate as Micaela got connected through a friend to talented Nashville songwriter Liz Rose. The two hit it off immediately in their writing styles, so Micaela made the 1000 mile leap of faith to pursue her dreams under Rose’s wing. Enter Micaela’s single, “Getaway Car” – a sassy song that separates her from the trap of small-town living AKA tying the knot and getting pregnant.

“It was kinda the time in my life when literally everybody I knew started getting married and having babies, which is still happening. But it was just like, ‘Oh my God! Like what is happening?’ Everybody was doing it and I just wasn’t there in life yet. I mean, I’m still not. So it was just like a funny observation I had and so it just turned into this really fun song,” Micaela explained to Sounds Like Nashville.

The tune serves up her own cheeky point of view with quick jab lyrics like, “My God, you’re only 20 and she’s not even pretty,” and “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride is suiting me just fine.” One thing can be said of her spunky energy: her independence influences her music and that ain’t a bad deal whatsoever.

She’s still working on new music as she grows her roots deeper into the Nashville groove, but she’s got the guidance of Rose to lead her down the right path for her career, even when working together on “Getaway Car.”

“She’s such a good friend,” said Micaela. “I mean she’s become like family to me. So we talk about ideas all the time. I might text her one day and be like, ‘Oh my gosh, we should write this one day,’ or she might text me something or we’ll see each other when we come into a room and we’ll be like, ‘Hey, let’s write this!’ So we’re constantly talking about ideas.”

The song itself not only inspired loads of fans, but also inspired Micaela to use her platform to reach out to an important cause. She partnered up with Project 615 to make shirts that featured her song in order to help out families in need, something Micaela says she’s very involved with.

“So we decided it’d be cool to do a shirt for ‘Getaway Car’ that I could donate the proceeds to an organization that I’m passionate about, which is Safe Haven Family Shelter that’s here in Nashville. I actually have volunteered there for a few years and so I decided to really know the people there. I think it’s such a good organization and they do so much to help families that I was like how cool would it be to be able to help them a little bit more,” said Micaela.

Next up on Micaela’s whirlwind career: playing for the first time at CMA Fest at two shows, one of which will be at the Jamie Lynn Spears “Sleepover” Fan Party.

“I’m so excited ‘cause since I was like 16-years-old, me and my family would come in town and go to CMA Fest,” she told us. “Now that I live here, you can’t really avoid it. But this is my first time to get to play anywhere during it. So I’m really excited!”

Excited is an understatement for the fun-loving 24-year-old country artist who used her ‘Getaway Car’ to get married to the music and make her songs her babies.