Alyssa Trahan Shares Behind-The-Scenes Footage of ‘Baby Blues & Stilettos’ Photoshoot

Her fashion is on point!

Alyssa Trahan Shares Behind-The-Scenes Footage of ‘Baby Blues & Stilettos’ Photoshoot
Alyssa Trahan; Photo credit: Anthony Romano

Alyssa Trahan released her debut album, Baby Blues & Stilettos, on March 5th, and now she’s sharing behind-the-scenes footage from her album photoshoot. In a video premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (4/13), Trahan can be seen in the midst of her photoshoot with photographer Anthony Romano of 412ink. True to the album name, Trahan wore two baby blue outfits with stilettos for the shoot. The first outfit she wears is a baby blue suit with white, high-heeled boots. She then changes into a fitted baby blue dress with black boots. The singer even painted her nails baby blue, in keeping with the album theme. Trahan shared that the name Baby Blues & Stilettos is meant to be a reflection of the music on the album, and she wanted to showcase that theme with her attire.

“The styling and color scheme of an album is so important to me,” she shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “It really ties everything together and it’s often the first thing someone experiences before they even listen. This record has a soft side with the traditional country elements, but it also has an edgy side with the modern production. We really wanted that to be reflected in the cover art, so we came up with ‘Baby Blues & Stilettos’ where the baby blue is the soft side and the stilettos are the edge! We decided on the album title before the shoot, so everything, right down to my eyeliner and nails, was baby blue and both looks had stilettos!”

The behind-the-scenes video finds Trahan posing and smiling for the camera, but also shows the singer and her photographer having fun as they look over the photos.

“The photoshoot with 412ink was one of my favorites I’ve ever done,” said Trahan. “The vibe of the shoot was so positive and we spent a lot of the time dancing and laughing! I did my own hair and makeup for the shoot and my stylist, Lady Sanchez, helped me put together the looks. I think the final artwork we went with perfectly complements the music on the record!”

Alyssa Trahan’s Baby Blues & Stilettos features 13 tracks, including “We Used To Be Happy,” which premiered on Sounds Like Nashville January 26th.