An Emotional Jana Kramer Gets Eliminated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Finale

The power pair performed a redemptive tango routine and a make-or-break freestyle number during the first part of the Season 23 finale.

Written by Kelly Brickey
An Emotional Jana Kramer Gets Eliminated on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Finale
Jana Kramer Dancing with the Stars

After a long-fought battle to the finale, Jana Kramer and partner Gleb Savchenko have finally met their end as they were sent home during part one of the Season 23 finale of Dancing with the Stars.

Taking on a tango routine as well as the infamous make-or-break freestyle number, Kramer and Savchenko looked to give their all in each performance, but fell short compared to their fellow competitors in passion and skill. The tango, while fiery and hot, didn’t match up to the expectations of the judges, earning them a simple 35 out of 40 score. While the freestyle routine poured emotion out onto the dance floor from the pair, it didn’t click enough with the scoring table who awarded them with a 36 out of 40 for that dance.

Although both scores seemed to be above average, their comrades gained even higher numbers for their performances and left Kramer and Savchenko at the back of the pack.

By the end of the night, the gig was up: Kramer and Savchenko were given the surprising results that they indeed would be going home and out of the finale competition. While Kramer appeared very emotional over the decision, she graciously accepted their fate with a kind speech toward her fellow dancers and partner.

“This has been amazing,” said Kramer, tearfully. “Those people up there so deserve to be there. It was our time. He’s the most incredible partner. I’ve learned so much about myself and how incredibly strong I can be.”

The country singer even gave Savchenko another sweet shout-out via her Instagram for all the work he has done with her and the commitment he made to her throughout the entire experience.

“I don’t even know where to start. I cannot thank  @glebsavchenkoofficial enough for absolutely everything that he did for me. Gleb you were there for me every step of the way and I’ll forever be grateful for your friendship, your hard work, your talent, and your heart. You are family now. Thank you for letting me share my stories through dance and for helping me turn into the person I always wanted to be. @dancingabc has changed my life and has made me a stronger person. Thanks to everyone for voting for us every week. I just hope and pray my story touched at least a few of you to know your worth, know you’re good enough, and to always stand tall,” she wrote kindly.

What’s next for Kramer is unknown, but it can be said that her fans will forever stand behind her music and whatever she has planned for her career.