Angie Johnson Releases Debut EP and Music Video for ‘Sing For You’

Angie Johnson Releases Debut EP and Music Video for ‘Sing For You’

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Singer/songwriter Angie Johnson recently released her debut EP, Sing For You. The EP hit stores on May 21.

As an active duty service member, there might not be a better song than the EP’s title track for Memorial Day. “‘Sing for You’ is the most dear song on the EP to me. I wrote it with Catt Gravitt and my producer Josh Leo. I had gotten pitched a lot of military songs about a spouse or a child and their perspective on having their husband deployed or their dad deployed, and I just didn’t feel like I could sing from that place because I am a military member. So when I got with Catt, and we started talking about being entertainers and going overseas and doing morale shows and having troops tell us their stories of losing buddies or PTSD or survivor’s guilt and all these things, it really felt like a story that needed to be told. And it was my story. So, this song is my way of kind of saying thank you. I acknowledge that I’m not the one out there doing what you do, but here’s what I can do for you. Let me sing for you.”

Check out the video for “Sing For You” below:

Produced by Josh Leo (Love and Theft, Alabama) the Sing For You EP is available digital retailers, including iTunes, as well as at select retailers.

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