All Ashland Craft Needs are ‘Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine’

This song is so on point!

Written by Leslie Armstrong
All Ashland Craft Needs are ‘Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine’
Ashland Craft; Photo Credit: Brayln Kelly

Could a song be more apropos for this tumultuous time? Country singer Ashland Craft gives us an escape from the real world with the sassy tune, “Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine.” Showcasing a bluesy vibe, the singer portrays a story about two lovers throwing caution to the wind.

Craft’s smoky vocals and the music’s strong guitar backing complement the song’s fun-spirited lines: You bring the blanket and the dixie cups, I’ll be waiting outside / You drive and I’ll draw hearts on the window ‘til we find what money can’t buy / I’ll be all yours and you can be all mine / Just two wildflowers and a box of wine.

We wanted it to be as close to a love song as possible, without being the typical sappy,” Craft tells Sounds Like Nashville. “I wanted to bring my rock and country influences into it. I love [the song] because instead of a bottle of wine, we talk about a box of wine.”

The new tune is a follow-up to Craft’s debut single, “Trainwreck.” The first major release from her deal with Big Loud Records.

Along with the latest music, Craft also surprised fans with a music video showcasing herself in a dive bar scenery. The South Carolina native told us she wanted the visuals to be “very real and backwoods grunge.”

“‘Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine’ was a title that Jonathan [Singleton] brought into the write with Rob [Snyder] and I in October of last year. Immediately after hearing him say that title out loud, I felt like I could see the music video … We wanted to paint a picture of two wild-at-heart people who just need a little time alone together to make everything in the world feel right,” said Craft.

Additionally, to her own music, Craft joined labelmate Hardy on the track “So Close” from his debut album A Rock which released in August.

You can find “Two Wildflowers and a Box of Wine” on Spotify and Apple Music. View the music video here and for more information visit