Ashland Craft Connected With ‘Trainwreck’ At First Listen

Craft knew she had to share "Trainwreck" after the first time she heard it.

Ashland Craft Connected With ‘Trainwreck’ At First Listen
Ashland Craft; Photo Credit: Brayln Kelly

In April 2019, newcomer Ashland Craft signed a deal with Nashville label Big Loud Records. After signing, the singer-songwriter debuted her first major release, titled “Trainwreck.”

The South Carolina native didn’t have a hand in writing the track, but fell in love upon first listen. During a gig at Eddie’s Attic, Craft heard songwriter Channing Wilson, who co-wrote it with Randy Montana, perform the song and connected with its message. “I haven’t heard a song that resonated with me so well,” she said.

With lines, It’s a sure bet, you’ll get your heart broke every time, and There’s too much bad luck piled up in my mind, the 24-year-old described how she related to the honest lyrics. Craft said, “I begged [Wilson] to let me cut it because I think he was planning on releasing [the song] himself. On my [23rd] birthday, Channing texted me, ‘You should cut it [“Trainwreck”] and make it a smash! I think you would destroy it – I’m serious.’”

In return, Craft invited Wilson to sing background vocals on her version of the track. “It’s refreshing to know that a song can connect with other people who are going through the same kinds of hardships,” Craft stated.

The performer is currently showcasing new music and cover songs through her acoustic series: Six String Sessions. Realizing that releasing music takes time, Craft said, “I saw it as an opportunity to get a lot of new music out there [quicker].”

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