Ashley Campbell Remembers Her Father, Glen Campbell, Four Years After His Passing

We will always remember the 'Rhinestone Cowboy.'

Written by Kelly Brickey
Ashley Campbell Remembers Her Father, Glen Campbell, Four Years After His Passing
Ashley Campbell; Photo credit: Sean M. Flynn

Time can be helpful in the healing process, but Ashley Campbell is still mourning the loss of her father, Glen Campbell, four years after his death (August 8).

The banjo player has been spending some time away in Paris and decided to spend the day remembering her dad by listening to his music while walking around the City of Lights. Instead of feeling sad about the tragic loss just years ago, Campbell seemed hopefully reminiscent on everything she was able to experience with her famous father.

“Missing you a lot today dad. Every day really. Today marks 4 years without you. I walked around Paris for hours listening to your beautiful music in my earbuds. I’m so thankful to be able to hear your voice anytime. Those records are everything to me. It’s nice to think that we can keep singing even after we are gone. Miss you with all my heart. ❤️,” she wrote in her social media tribute.

She also gave her late father a musical tribute by plucking one of his favorite tracks, “Little Rock Getaway.”

Glen Campbell died on this day four years ago, after a years-long battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

His daughter penned an emotional letter to her country music dad, which was released right after his death. She opened up about the close relationship she shared with her father, and how meaningful those last few years were with him as their bond grew stronger.

“Music was the thing that could bring him back to us when the fog would pull him just a little further away. When I wrote ‘Remembering’ I knew there would come a time when he wouldn’t know who I am and I was looking for a way to be able to reach him, even when he seemed lost. I wrote this song to bring him comfort and to let him know that I would always be there for him. Now, after he has passed, when I sing this song, I feel like he is reaching back for me as I reached for him. I can feel him with me in the music and he is comforting me now,” she wrote.

Fans can remember the life and legacy of Glen Campbell at his memorial museum in downtown Nashville.