Aubrie Sellers Finds Her Way In New Album, ‘Far From Home’

Sellers new album is out now!

Aubrie Sellers Finds Her Way In New Album, ‘Far From Home’
Aubrie Sellers; Photo Credit: Ethan Ballinger

As an artist who characterizes her sound as “garage country,” Aubrie Sellers has always been a little bit country and a little bit rock ’n roll. Growing up as the daughter of country singer Lee Ann Womack and singer/songwriter Jason Sellers, country is in Sellers’ blood, but she also pays tribute to her love for Led Zeppelin and other classic rock artists in her music. This diverse sound has sometimes left Sellers looking for her place in the musical world. In her new album Far From Home, she not only showcases that unique brand of music, but she does it while taking listeners on a journey of self-discovery. The album kicks off this theme with the hopeful title track.

“The reason I picked ‘Far From Home’ as the title for the record is because I feel like the emerging theme of the whole record to me kind of goes back to ‘garage country’ or not fitting in musically,” says Sellers in an exclusive interview with Sounds Like Nashville. “For me, the overall theme of the record is kind of finding your place in the world and having hope that you will find yourself and you will find your people and you don’t always have to feel like an outsider.”

The title track also sets the musical tone for the rest of the album by featuring an ethereal, almost space-like instrumentation. That particular sound was inspired by the ‘desert music’ Sellers was listening to at the time, which included Quentin Tarantino soundtracks. The album was co-produced by Sellers and Frank Liddell, and recorded in El Paso, Texas, a location that certainly lends itself to a desert vibe. Other songs that follow this theme of cinematic introspection include “Going Places,” “Run” and the poignant, “Worried Mind.”

“I’m introverted and I’ve struggled with a lot of anxiety, so that song is just truly an honest expression of that,” Sellers says of ‘Worried Mind.’ “I hope that that song can be a relief or something that someone can connect to and kind of feel, at least momentarily, like they’re not alone.”

While she brings in different sounds on this record, Far From Home is certainly not devoid of Sellers’ signature rock star side. This is displayed early on in the record with “My Love Will Not Change,” a rocking Del McCoury Band cover featuring Steve Earle.

“I’m a huge bluegrass fan, and I’ve always kind of thought that bluegrass songs could easily be translated into rock songs because of the similar simplicity and emotional drive behind them,” says Sellers. “So, when I heard that song, I immediately had the idea to do it kind of the way you heard it on the record. For me, it was obvious. If I was going to get somebody to sing on it, it would be Steve.”

Sellers keeps the tempo high and the volume up in songs such as “Drag You Down,” “Glad” and “Troublemaker.” The album also features upbeat, positive love songs such as “Lucky Charm” and “Under The Sun,” as well as the slow and sweet, “Haven’t Even Kissed Me Yet.” The project closes with “One Town’s Trash,” a tune about Sellers’ recent move from Nashville to Los Angeles.

“That came out of a feeling of being in the wrong place surrounded by people who don’t understand you,” she says. “That’s where that song came from, and for me, it was kind of a liberating song, and I think that’s why I chose to end the record with it. I moved out to California right after I made this record, and for me it’s kind of about going somewhere and experiencing new things and hopefully finding people that you feel like really understand you.”

Fans can find Sellers on tour with Robert Earl Keene through February and on the CMT Next Women of Country: Bring My Flowers Now Tour with Tanya Tucker in June.