Back To School For Scotty McCreery

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Back To School For Scotty McCreery

Students everywhere are getting ready to head back to school, including recent “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery. Being in the spotlight might have gained Scotty fame and fortune, but it won’t help get him out of his school work! Scotty is about to begin his senior year of high school and his mom will be teaching him out on the road.

“School is starting up pretty soon, so I am going to have to get everything in order,” Scotty tells Dan Van Media. “You know Mama is a certified K through 12 teacher so she is going to be teaching me on the road and I can promise you she ain’t going to be giving me no slack!”

“Miss McCreery was a mean teacher back in the day,” Scotty joked. “Nah, she likes that rep but she was nice…so she’ll be on me!”

Mama McCreery was present during the conversation and refuted the ‘mean’ comment but did confirm that “Scotty will need to buckle down for school.” Mama McCreery also confirmed with Dan Van Media that the family will stay in North Carolina and will not be moving to Nashville saying “Nashville is only a one hour flight, we will make that work.”

Scotty has started the process of school and will really concentrate on his studies as the “American Idols Live” tour wraps on September 10th, followed by some more free time for school after his debut album Clear As Day releases on October 4th.