Bear Bailey Is TikTok’s Viral Gas Station Singer: See His 5 Best Country Covers

He surprises all of the gas station guests with his incredible voice!

Bear Bailey Is TikTok’s Viral Gas Station Singer: See His 5 Best Country Covers
Bear Bailey; Photos via @bearbailey1 on TikTok

TikTok has a way of finding the best talent and that is certainly true in the case of James “Bear” Bailey, a man who has recently gone viral for singing in gas stations. In the videos, Bailey, who can be found @bearbailey1, walks nonchalantly up to the gas station cashier and starts belting out a tune either playing over the speaker or a cappella. No matter what he’s singing, his powerful and unique voice always draws a small crowd among his fellow customers and brings joy to everyone in the gas station.

Bailey’s videos were recently brought to the attention of many country fans thanks to a tweet from country artist Mickey Guyton, who reposted his gas station cover of K-Ci & Jojo’s “All My Life” which drew much enthusiasm from the gas station customers. Guyton simply wrote “I Can’t” alongside the video. Bailey covers songs of all genres in his videos, and he has especially excelled at a few country songs. Here are 5 of Bailey’s best country covers.

  1. Keith Urban’s “’Til Summer Comes Around”

Till Summer Comes Around by @keithurban let’s see if he’ll duet me! #cover #foryou #foryoupage #countrymusic #adayinmylife #music #gasstation

♬ original sound – Bear Bailey

Bailey crushed his version of Keith Urban’s 2009 single “’Til Summer Comes Around” in a recent video. It took a little urging from the cashier, but once he started singing, he showed off his impressive range and unique vocal runs as he sang along to the song. The customers behind him were also visibly impressed.

2. Clay Walker’s “Fall”

While this video is one of the few that doesn’t take place in the gas station, Bailey performed a stirring rendition of Clay Walker’s “Fall” while driving. The singer effortlessly matched Walker’s high notes and even went one octave above the veteran country singer on the final line of the chorus.

3. Travis Tritt’s “Best of Intentions”

Bailey returned to the gas station in another video, where he performed an a cappella version of Travis Tritt’s 2000 single, “Best of Intentions.” This cover showed that Bailey’s voice shines as much without music as it does with it.

4. Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know”


In Case You Didn’t Know by @brettyoungmusic let’s go at him and see if he’ll duet me #cover #foryou #foryoupage #adayinmylife

♬ original sound – Bear Bailey

Bailey approached the gas station cashier yet again in another video, where he opted to sing Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know,” which was playing over the speakers. The song and Young’s range fit perfectly with Bailey’s voice as he added his signature runs and own style.

5. Luke Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving”

The TikTok singer also performed his own version of Luke Combs’ “Even Though I’m Leaving” in the gas station. Bailey was able to match Combs’ range and even went above it, going up an octave from the recording in the chorus.