Bebe Rexha Thinks Nashville ‘Feels Fresh’ When It Comes to Music

Bebe Rexha looks upon Nashville as the next big city for the entertainment industry to flock to for inspiration and creation.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Bebe Rexha Thinks Nashville ‘Feels Fresh’ When It Comes to Music
Florida Georgia Line and Bebe Rexha perform at Nissan Stadium on Sunday, June 10 during the 2018 CMA Music Festival in downtown Nashville; Photo credit: Donn Jones/CMA

Although Nashville will never forget the country music roots that embody the town’s spirit, the city continues to grow and transform into a hub of all kinds of entertainment.

The stereotypical view of Music City seems to generalize the true artistry of the people who live in town, and Bebe Rexha believed wholeheartedly in the idea that everyone around the area only cared about country music. What the New York native came to find, though, was the diversity running throughout the streets of the developing metropolis.

“What I got from Nashville is that has the traditional country roots in it but there’s also a melting pot of all different types of music and it’s not just straight up…like I’m from New York, right? When I thought of Nashville when I was younger, and Tennessee, it was like everyone’s wearing a cowboy hat and cowgirl boots and cowboy boots and a guitar on their hand. But it’s actually not like that at all I think there’s a lot more different styles of music and it’s already a big hub for country music, but I think it’s gonna become a way bigger hub for music in general,” Rexha explained during an interview recently.

From growing up in New York and moving to the bright lights of Los Angeles, Rexha has experienced a number of entertainment realms and yet she thinks Nashville is the next big thing to explode in the music industry and beyond.

“I feel like Nashville is this cool mix of up-and-coming, it feels very exciting, it feels fresh, it feels new. Because I’m from New York, I moved to LA and LA started to feel a little bland to me a little bit. You know, I love it? But there’s something really exciting about Nashville. There’s something about to come in a bigger way,” she raved about the city.

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