Go Behind-The-Scenes of Smithfield’s ‘When You’re Gone’ Music Video

Smithfield is taking fans behind-the-scenes from their music video shoot for their latest single, "When You're Gone."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Go Behind-The-Scenes of Smithfield’s ‘When You’re Gone’ Music Video
Smithfield; Photo courtesy C2 Media Relations

Relationships are at the cornerstone of Smithfield’s new single “When You’re Gone,” so it only made sense to highlight varying phases of them when it came time to film their new music video. The duo, comprised of Jennifer Fiedler and Trey Smith, decided early on that they wanted to make a clip that anyone could connect with.

“After we wrote ‘When You’re Gone,’ we wanted to make a music video that really anybody could relate to,” said Smith in an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip shared with Sounds Like Nashville. “This video is for all generations, no matter where you’re at in life, no matter where in love, it’s for you,” added Fiedler.

Filmed at Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, TN, the video showcases several couples in varying ages and relationship statuses as the enjoy an evening out on the town.

“When You’re Gone” was written by Smith, Fiedler, Brennin Hunt and Adam James. The concept was spawned from something Hunt said about his own wife.

“It really kind of came out of this idea of painting the perfect tipsy girl. Our co-writer Brennin [Hunt] was talking one day and he said, ‘My wife’s really cute when she gets tipsy.’ So this title came to mind—‘When You’re Gone’—and we all started milling around… I think Jennifer started spouting out some lyrics and Brennin was playing some licks on the guitar and it just kind of wrote itself,” Smith told SLN previously.

Smithfield’s “When Your Gone” video debuts Thursday, Oct. 12 on CMT.