Blake Shelton Gets Miranda Lambert’s Approval for ‘God Gave Me You’ Video

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Blake Shelton Gets Miranda Lambert’s Approval for ‘God Gave Me You’ Video

Blake Shelton recently debuted the music video for his latest single, “God Gave Me You.” The video features a few clips from the singer’s recent wedding to country superstar Miranda Lambert. Although Miranda was reluctant to let him use their private wedding footage for the video, Blake says it was most appropriate for this song.

“There was this wedding video that leaked out on the internet,” Blake explained of his inspiration for the music video (via The Boot.) “One of us did it, I’m sure, by just not knowing how to use a computer! So I was watching the wedding video one day and it opened with Miranda talking to me. That was the first time I saw it. I just thought what she’s saying to me is so cool. And the reason I cut that song was because of her and the ups and downs of our relationships that we always had, but always end up back together. [She] said everything that was the reason I recorded that song… that is, hands down, the most personal video.”

Even though Blake knew that he wanted to use the wedding footage for the music video, his bride wasn’t in agreement at first. Luckily for him (and for the fans!) Miranda finally gave him permission.

“It was important to me to have that wedding video on there. [Miranda] had thought about that for a week, and I was stressed out. I was like, ‘Man, this video is going to suck if she doesn’t let me use that wedding video.’ She’s getting to the point where she wants to keep more of us to us. But I talked her out of that. That will probably be the last thing I get to do like that.”

Much to the delight of Blake, you can view the final product of the “God Gave Me You” music video HERE.