Blake Shelton Takes Jimmy Fallon to the Farm to Learn How to Milk Cows

The best unexpected bromance is back and this time around, Shelton is giving Fallon a piece of his country lifestyle with typical sarcastic banter and hilarity included.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Blake Shelton Takes Jimmy Fallon to the Farm to Learn How to Milk Cows
Photo via NBC

The best unexpected bromance is back and this time, it’s Blake Shelton who shows his city friend, Jimmy Fallon, how to get down and dirty out on the farm in a sketch for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

This time on the adventures of Shelton and Fallon, they headed to Shelton’s neck of the woods out on a farm in New York to learn a new trick that the late night talk show host had never tried before: milking a cow. Just as expected, Shelton dished out some of his sarcastic banter with Fallon from the get-go as the host went down the stereotypical Southern route by dressing ‘the part’ in a plaid button-up with overalls and a cowboy hat to top it all off.

“You dressed very disrespectful. You look like Howdy-Doody right now. Do you think this is a game? You think this is a game? This is serious,” Shelton chuckled before the milking commenced.

Getting to know their cow of choice, Oreo, Shelton instructed Fallon on the loving techniques needed to properly milk a cow by squeezing the udder in just the right way.

“You don’t just reach out and grab a teet,” Shelton lectured Fallon as he innocently goes in for the udder. “This is all about romance and finesse, ok? So have a connection with Oreo, have a connection.”

As expected, Shelton is a trained professional who gets a milk stream on his first try, but Fallon goes through a few challenges before finding the perfect technique. After finding success for the host, Shelton has him participate in an “old farming tradition” by drinking a shot of the fresh milk right after the process. While Shelton chucks his to the side, Fallon suffers in silence over the warm drink and comedy genius ensues.

Check out the hilarious late-night sketch on The Tonight Show and be sure to catch Shelton throughout this season of NBC’s The Voice.