Bobby Bones’ Five Tips to Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Will you be watching this season of Dancing with the Stars?

Written by Bobby Bones
Bobby Bones’ Five Tips to Win ‘Dancing with the Stars’
DANCING WITH THE STARS - "Finale" - After weeks of stunning competitive dancing, the final four couples advance to the season finale of "Dancing with the Stars," live, MONDAY, NOV. 19 (8:00-10:00 p.m. EST), on The ABC Television Network. (ABC/Eric McCandless) BOBBY BONES, SHARNA BURGESS

Dancing with the Stars season 27 winner Bobby Bones may have been an unlikely candidate to win the popular ABC show, but the youngest National Radio Hall of Fame inductee quickly won the hearts of the judges and America in order to claim the coveted mirrorball trophy. As a slate of new stars prepare to strap on their dancing shoes and hit the ballroom floor for the season 29 premiere tonight (9/14), the Arkansas native is ready to share his top five tips of how to boogie your way to the crown.

Bones is this year’s National On-Air Personality of the Year for the 55th Academy of Country Music Awards. He will also be a presenter during the celebration, scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 at 8/7c on CBS. He is currently filming his new travel TV series ‘Breaking Bobby Bones,’ coming to National Geographic in early 2021.

Check out his tips below and let us know who you think will take home the win! Watch Dancing with the Stars on ABC tonight at 8/7c.

It’s time for another season of Dancing with the Stars!

Just 2 seasons ago, I won the show. Season 27 was the year of the “Mirrorball Miracle.”
I started the show with the worst odds to win of every … single … competitor. I was basically this season’s Carol Baskin. Except she’s way more famous and maybe killed her husband (for the record, no, I don’t think she did it).

I thought I’d share the key to the castle. Maybe one day you’ll be on the show (don’t scoff, they had me!). Or maybe you are on it this season and this link came across your google alert for “Dancing with the Stars Corona.”

Follow these 5 steps. And then claim your Mirrorball.

  1. Just average 7s.  – truth is, you’ll want higher. But you are always in the game if you can manage 7s and get substantial crowd votes.
  2. Dancing is only half of it, appeal to the people – if you aren’t a good dancer (see: me), you’ll need the power of the vote. IT’S WORTH THE EXACT AMOUNT AS YOUR DANCING SCORES.  As much as some of the dance snobs on the internet hate it, THE VOTE IS (I’ll say it) even MORE IMPORTANT. There is no cap on the vote % that you can win by. If you get a 7 and they get a 10. That’s only a 30% different in the scoring. You can beat them in the votes by 50-60% if you hit it just right. I based my whole season off of getting better each week and getting the fan vote.
  3. Use the brief moments you have on live TV to your advantage: They control the dance you do. They control the package that runs before you dance. They control the sets that are built on the floor for your dance. BUT THEY CAN’T CONTROL LIVE TV. When it was live time, I used that time to shiney, shine, shine. Week 1, I stormed the floor after I finished my dance. Week 2, I did the floss at the end of a Waltz. Later that season, I took off my shoe and got the judges to sign it on live tv. I could go on…
  4. Be extremely vulnerable in your packages. – the package is the edited piece they run before your dance. It’s usually about 2 minutes long and they have an angle they want to highlight each week. My advice is TRY NOT TO LOOK COOL. Understand that you are on a dancing show, and because  of that … you aren’t cool. So suck it up and embrace the fact that you are in it to win it. And share, share, share. It will resonate with the audience. They may not vote for you that week. But once their person is gone, they need a new horse to ride.
  5. Be proactive about your health: you’re going to get hurt. You’ll get nicks and bruises. And busted toes. And turned ankles. And sore legs. And …. and … and… But you can get through that stuff way quicker if you’re taking care of yourself before it happens. Get massages. Ice your feet and legs after practice. Drinks tons of water. HEALTH! HEALTH!  HEALTH! 

Also, get a spray tan on Saturday, so it’ll be the perfect shade by Monday night. If you don’t need a spray tan, good for you. Those lights are brutal .

Some of the dancers are nice. Some of them aren’t. Some of the judges will like you. Some wont. Some of the dances are easier. Some aren’t. You have to ride the wave of ups and downs (because if you last, there will be a lot of them)

You need to be fit to win. It’s a long, grueling season. You need to be an OK (at the start, and get better) dancer. And you need people to fall in love with you.

Good luck to all.

I cant wait to add another member to the Mirrorball Fraternity.