Bobby Bones Shares Proposal Planning Details and Engagement Story

Her parents drove 9 hours from Oklahoma to spend 45 minutes with them before driving back home!

Bobby Bones Shares Proposal Planning Details and Engagement Story
Bobby Bones and Caitlin Parker; Photo via Bobby Bones on Twitter

Bobby Bones proposed to his girlfriend Caitlin Parker on Sunday, October 11, and on The Bobby Bones Show on Monday morning, he shared all the details of his romantic proposal. In an Instagram post shared by Bobby after he popped the question, he revealed that the proposal took place in a barn on his property and that Mat Kearney played for them afterwards, but he shared even more details about how he pulled it off in the show’s segment, The Big Story.

Bones says that the first thing he had to pull off was getting the barn decorated and ready for the big night. Luckily, the couple was already in the process of renovating the barn, so that served as his explanation for why there were trucks coming and going from the barn while they were out of town over the weekend.

“We have security cameras all over our property and you can look at them at any point, so I had to be like, ‘People are going to be at the barn,’” Bobby says of his conversation with Caitlin. “[The decorator] was driving a truck that wasn’t even hers to do it in case Caitlin looked at the cameras.”

When they arrived back home in Nashville, Bobby told Caitlin that they were going on a double date with a couple of friends. Before they went on their date, however, they went down to check on the progress of the barn renovation, and that is when Bobby opened the door to reveal the beautifully decorated space.

“I open the right side of the door and it is just lined up with candles and plants and things hanging from the ceiling, and it’s a trail going all the way down to the back of the barn where there’s this big, white rug,” he said. “As soon as I opened the door, as soon as she could look inside, she gasped and started crying, just like that.”

The two then walked through the romantic barn, and Bobby told Caitlin that he had never truly felt love before meeting her.

“I basically told her, ‘Before you, I kind of felt I was broken, like, people that love each other, it was just in the movies or they were lying about it because I had never experienced it, never loved anyone like that,’” he said.

From there, Bones got down on one knee, showed Caitlin the ring, and she said yes. As if that romantic proposal wasn’t enough, they walked out of the barn to find Mat Kearney performing “Nothing Left To Lose,” which is an important song to the couple because it was during this song in a concert that Caitlin realized Bobby was the one. After the performance, the two called Parker’s parents and found out that they had driven all the way from Oklahoma to be there after she said yes.

Bones and Parker met in late 2019 on the set of Dancing With The Stars and announced their relationship in early 2020.