BobbyCast Recap: Brett Young Talks Music, Babies And Baseball

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BobbyCast Recap: Brett Young Talks Music, Babies And Baseball
Brett Young; Photo via The Greenroom PR

On episode #194 of his podcast, the BobbyCast, Bobby Bones brought on Platinum-selling artist Brett Young to talk about everything from his journey to Nashville, to expecting his first child this fall.

Early in the interview, Bobby asked Brett to give a summary of his journey to music and to Nashville. The California native revealed that he was playing paid gigs for about 10 years in Los Angeles before making the jump to Nashville. Most of his gigs involved singing cover songs in upscale hotels in a suit and tie.

“At the beginning of it, you look around to your buddies and you’re like, ‘Yeah, you’re jealous because I’m making money playing music,’” Brett says. “And then you go, ‘Nothing about this is fulfilling anymore. Nobody’s really listening, and even when they do care it’s because they like that song that you didn’t write and had nothing to do with.’”

Brett says he was on the verge of quitting when a man with connections in Nashville, who has since become one of his best friends, encouraged him to move to Music City. When Brett arrived, he decided he wanted to focus on writing songs for other artists. However, it wasn’t long before record labels started taking notice of Brett’s voice in song demos. He then signed his record deal within 14 months of moving to town.

Fast forward to the present, Brett has five Top 10 hits under his belt, he’s married, and he and his wife Taylor are expecting their first child, a girl, in October. Brett shared that he and Taylor are incredibly excited for their new addition, saying, ‘You should see how pink my house is.’ And while the couple has not chosen a name for their daughter yet, they have a few good contenders.

“It’s a collection of working off of family names that have been around for a little while, but also something fresh and different that we don’t think is out there yet,” Brett says of choosing a name. “I don’t know that anything’s off the table, and I think we’re to the place now where we’re so close that we want to look at her first. She might not get her name until we see her at this point.”

In addition to chatting about Brett’s music career and impending fatherhood, the duo also dove into conversation about one of Brett’s other passions: baseball. Brett had an exceedingly successful high school baseball career in California. He even got calls from professional teams like the Minnesota Twins and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (now Tampa Bay Rays) his senior year. Brett respectfully declined those offers, and instead headed east to play college baseball at the University of Mississippi. However, after sustaining an injury, he decided to leave after his first year.

“It’s my one regret,” Brett says. “I went to five schools counting Ole Miss. It’s the one place I would have stayed. I think regret is a worthless emotion. I don’t like it. I think if you made a decision – own it. You’re supposed to be where you are now. [But] I wished I would have stayed and finished at Ole Miss.”

To hear more from Bobby and Brett’s conversation, including more on Brett’s relationship with his wife and the kind of music he strives to make, listen to the latest episode of the BobbyCast.