BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Chats With Gone West’s Colbie Caillat About The Band, Stage Fright

Did you know Colbie was discovered on MySpace?

BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Chats With Gone West’s Colbie Caillat About The Band, Stage Fright
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 13: Gone West and Colbie Caillat attend the 53nd annual CMA Awards at Bridgestone Arena on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Colbie Caillat, Grammy-winning singer of pop hits “Bubbly,” “Lucky,” and many more, is now living in Nashville and making music with her new band, Gone West. Bobby Bones brought her on the latest episode of his podcast, the BobbyCast, to talk about the band and her struggle with stage fright.

Gone West is made up of Colbie, her fiancee Justin Young, and husband and wife duo Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy. The group has been working on their debut album for two and half years, and Colbie, who was previously living in LA, says the band was the perfect next step for her.

“I had always wanted to be in a band because it would take some of the spotlight off me,” says Colbie, who has struggled with stage fright in her career. “I’m shy, I’m an introvert, I have stage fright, so to me, I was like, ‘I’ll take a break from my music and see what happens.’”

While the group is currently readying their debut album, they did release an EP called Tides in 2019. The lead track on the project is actually the name of the band, Gone West, and Colbie told Bobby where that song idea came from.

“We wrote it after the band name,” says Colbie. “Justin came up with the idea of wanting to explain the genesis of where this band came from, and how we’re couples, and how we’re from west of Tennessee.”

After chatting about Gone West, Bobby circled back around to talk about Colbie’s stage fright, which she had mentioned earlier in the interview. Colbie’s rise to fame happened quickly, as she was discovered after a friend posted her music on MySpace, and stage fright is something she has struggled with since the beginning.

“I love singing; I’ve sung since I was a kid,” she says. “I wrote some songs for fun, my friend from high school put them up on MySpace, and then because of that, I got offered a record deal that was — how could I pass that up? I had this amazing opportunity. I love writing songs, I love singing, I did not like the touring or performing factor of it. So, I had to grow and deal with that the first many years of my career, and it was torture.”

While she says she still deals with performance anxiety to this day, she has found some ways to deal with the nerves.

“I’ve heard people say to think of it as a friend. Think of those nerves and that fear as a friend,” she says. “Also, if you imagine the scenario of it going before you go out there, then you can already train your brain to think that it’s going to go good.”

To hear Bobby and Colbie talk about her past hits, their favorite artists, and their favorite TV shows, listen to episode #228 of the BobbyCast.