BobbyCast Recap: Jameson Rogers Chats About ‘Some Girls’ and How Luke Combs Helped His Career

Luke Combs messaged him on Instagram to write together.

Written by Lauren Laffer
BobbyCast Recap: Jameson Rogers Chats About ‘Some Girls’ and How Luke Combs Helped His Career
Jameson Rodgers; Photo courtesy of Sony Music Nashville

On episode #270 of his podcast, the BobbyCast, Bobby Bones invited new artist Jameson Rodgers to chat about his background, his hit song, “Some Girls,” and more. While Rodgers has just released his first successful single as a solo artist, the singer-songwriter has been living in Nashville working on music for ten years. Prior to releasing “Some Girls,” Rodgers co-wrote songs for other artists, including Florida Georgia Line’s “Talk You Out Of It,” Chris Lane’s “I Don’t Know About You,” and Luke Bryan’s “Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.” Rodgers calls himself a “late bloomer” when it comes to music, as he explained to Bones that he started playing guitar in college when his baseball career ended.

“Junior in college, picked the guitar up, wanted to start writing songs at the same time,” he said. “I went down to Southern Miss to finish school and I had a couple of roommates. One of them did spoken word poetry and one of them played pretty good guitar, so it was the perfect combination. We started writing songs and people started requesting these songs at parties and bonfires, and I was hooked.”

Rodgers then moved to Nashville having only written four or five songs and began improving his writing ability with other songwriters. During his time in Music City, he became friends with a group of male songwriters who called themselves the “band of bros.” This group included Hardy, Jake Mitchell, and CJ Solar, which are the three men who wrote “Some Girls.” Rodgers immediately loved the song and vowed to release it once he got a record deal.

“That was a song that they had written that I was like, ‘This song’s really good,’” he told Bones. “Nobody cared about it in town, and I was just like, ‘If two, three years down the road, if I have a record deal, I’m cutting this song for sure.’”

Making connections and working with other songwriters in town certainly helped propel Rodgers’ career, but another person that helped to do so was Luke Combs. Rodgers explained that when he released his first-ever EP (and supposedly only had 200 followers on Instagram,) Luke Combs, who was beginning to form a large following prior to earning his record deal, messaged Rodgers on Instagram to compliment one of his songs and ask him to write.

“I asked some buddies around town, ‘Have ya’ll heard about Luke Combs? He hit me up on Instagram wanting to write,’” said Rodgers. “And luckily, a couple of them were like, ‘Yeah, you should do that. He’s got this big underground following going on.’”

Rodgers continued, sharing that he and Combs did get together, but they did not finish a song. A year or so later, however, Rodgers released his next EP and Combs messaged him again to ask if he would open for him on his summer arena tour.

“I had no interest from a record label at the time. I barely even had a management deal at the time, so that really got the ball rolling,” he said.

To hear more from Rodgers and Bones, including details from his recent engagement, listen to episode #270 of the BobbyCast.