BobbyCast Recap: Maddie & Tae Wouldn’t Release ‘Girl In A Country Song’ Today

They were definitely very bold in their first release to country radio!

BobbyCast Recap: Maddie & Tae Wouldn’t Release ‘Girl In A Country Song’ Today
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE - NOVEMBER 13: Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye of Maddie & Tae attend the 53rd annual CMA Awards at the Music City Center on November 13, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Maddie & Tae appeared on Bobby Bones’ new show, On Time With Bobby Bones, which originally aired on Twitch and later played on Bones’ podcast, the BobbyCast. During the interview, the duo talked about their 2014 breakthrough song, “Girl In A Country Song,” which called out the way women were depicted in mainstream country music at the time. The song was a bold statement for two brand new, 18-year-old artists to make, and the women told Bones they’re not sure they would have made that same statement today.

“I don’t think we would’ve had the guts to release that song,” said the duo’s Maddie Font. “We were so naïve.”

“And we were just kind of guns ‘a blazin’. We didn’t know any better,” said Taylor Kerr.

“And we didn’t care because we were so green,” added Font. “We were like, ‘Yeah, who cares? This is what we want to say,’ and then I was like, ‘Oh dang.’ But now, being 25, and I’m like, oh my gosh. I don’t think we would have had the courage to release that song.”

“If we were to write it now, it would probably be bland, vanilla,” continued Kerr.

The duo went on to talk about new music they’re releasing, including their new song, “Woman You Got,” which they say is a “sassier love song.” They also performed another new song called “Watching Love Leave.”

Bones’ latest On Time/BobbyCast show also featured an interview with singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd. The two talked about hits he’s written for other artists as well as his new duet with wife Maren Morris called “Chasing After You.”

“I knew that if Maren and I ever did an official duet, you only get one swing at that, one shot,” he says. “We knew this was the song that we really loved, we recorded it a couple of times, and I was really scared putting it out because if it failed, that’s on me and then Maren’s name is also attached, so it’s a double whammy. I’m just thankful people seem to like it.”

For more from Maddie & Tae and Ryan Hurd, listen to episode #290 of the BobbyCast.