BobbyCast Recap: Bobby & Eddie Talk About Country Songs With Crazy Twists

Can you name other songs with unexpected twists?

BobbyCast Recap: Bobby & Eddie Talk About Country Songs With Crazy Twists
Bobby Bones and The Raging Idiots; Photo courtesy of The GreenRoom

On episode #224 ofthe BobbyCast, Bobby Bones and Eddie talked about country songs that have unexpected twists in the story. They started off with Carrie Underwood’s cinematic “Two Black Cadillacs,” which is a song about two women attending the funeral of a former love, but it turns out that the women were the ones responsible for his death.

“It turns out they conspired against him and murdered him,” says Bobby. “At first, it’s a funeral song — he’s dead. But at the end, it’s like, ‘But we killed him.’”

The next song Bobby and Eddie talked about was a classic Garth Brooks tune, “Papa Loved Mama.” The guys chat about how the song seems to be a love song between a couple, but, as the listener soon finds out, there’s a dark end to the story.

“Daddy’s a truck driver, he loved mama, mama got lonely, had an affair, daddy came home with flowers and a bottle of wine, and they’re at the hotel, and he just drove right on,” says Bobby.

“He never hit the breaks when he was shifting gears,” Eddie adds, quoting the song.

Bobby and Eddie also talked about one of the more heart-wrenching songs that features a twist, which is Tim McGraw’s “Don’t Take The Girl.” The song starts off from the perspective of a little boy who doesn’t want his dad to take a little girl fishing with them, and then fast forwards to the future when that boy is married to the girl and praying that God doesn’t take her while she’s having their baby.

“This was the first song I heard in my life that I thought, ‘Wow that’s deep,’” says the BobbyCast host.

Next, Bobby and Eddie talked about one of the most iconic songs in country music’s history that also features a twist: George Jones’ “He Stopped Loving Her Today.” This song, which has lived on for decades, is a heartbreak tune about a man who just can’t move on after a relationship.

“The deal with this was it’s a very romantic song, obviously, and it’s a guy who still wants his ex, and she’s left him a long time ago, but he stopped loving her today because he died,” Bobby says. “That’s the only time he stopped loving her.”

To hear Bobby and Eddie chat about more country songs with unexpected twists, including Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” and Randy Travis’ “Three Wooden Crosses,” listen to episode #224 of the BobbyCast.