BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Bones Talks With Tyler Farr and Surprise Guest

Did you guess the surprise guest?

BobbyCast Recap: Bobby Bones Talks With Tyler Farr and Surprise Guest
Tyler Farr; Cover art courtesy of BBR Music Group

On episode #248 of his podcast, the Bobbycast, Bobby Bones chatted with Tyler Farr over the phone about his new EP, Only Truck In Town, and heard from a surprise guest. At the time of the interview, Tyler was on vacation with his wife, Hannah, in Florida. The trip brought about some much-needed relaxation for Hannah, who is a nurse and has been on the COVID-19 floor this spring. He revealed that she was the nurse for Joe Diffie, who passed away from the virus at the end of March.

“When it was real tough was back with Diffie passed away and she had him as a patient right before he passed,” says Tyler. “He’s a good friend of all y’all’s and mine. She worked like 50 hours in four days around that time, and it just drained her and she was just emotionally buried and physically too, so I’m glad I got to bring her down here to let her relax. She’s been one of those heroes behind the scenes.”

From there, Bobby and Tyler started chatting about Tyler’s new EP, Only Truck In Town, which is out now. The four-track EP is the Farr’s first project since 2015 and his first since he moved from Sony Music Nashville to Jason Aldean’s new record label, Night Train Records. Tyler says he left Sony to pursue a different direction for his music, and the offer from Jason came not too long after that.

“I was over at his house and he had mentioned it, and I kind of thought he was joking because that’s not usually something you bring up when you’re having tea, or cocktails, whatever,” says Tyler. “But he was serious and I signed with him and it’s been how I want to work where I can feel comfortable with Broken Bow and the Night Train Records imprint. It’s just a lot easier.”

Bobby then played “Only Truck In Town,” and jokingly said, “Let’s see if we like this one.” He then asked Tyler if he has ever sent a song to a friend and gotten a negative response back. Tyler responded, saying that he had once sent a song to his friend and new producer Jason Aldean and the singer simply responded, ‘Nope.’ He then revealed to Bobby that the two were sitting with each other at that moment at Jason’s Florida home. Bobby then got Jason on the phone to talk about his role as Tyler’s producer.

“Finding songs is a big part of it,” says Jason. “Songs that I think are right and things that I think are going to work for him,” says Jason. “And then going on the tracking side of things and making sure that the music is cool and edgy. On vocals, I kind of beat him up pretty good in there on vocals and making sure vocals are right.”

“I think Tyler’s a great artist,” Jason continues. “I think he’s a great singer and great live performer, and if you ever get in a room with him, he wins you over.”

To hear the rest of Bobby and Tyler’s conversation, listen to episode #248 of the BobbyCast.