Brad Paisley and Fender Team Up for Signature Esquire Guitar

Check out the details of the country star's second signature model.

Written by Chris Parton
Brad Paisley and Fender Team Up for Signature Esquire Guitar
Brad Paisley; Photo Credit: David Bean

If you’ve ever seen Brad Paisley play guitar, you know he’s a master of his instrument with a one-of-a-kind talent. But now anyone can have his style, with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Those hoping to follow in Paisley’s fret-steps can purchase Fender’s new Brad Paisley Signature Esquire®, a “modern take on the legendary one-pickup workhorse from the ’50s.” But just like the artist it’s named after, this guitar comes with a few surprises.

“The Esquire® is a streamlined, working-man’s guitar,” Paisley explains in a statement, describing an original model used by generations of country musicians. “It’s really important to me that you hear an echo of the past in the stuff that I do, and in that sense, this guitar encompasses what I try to do musically. It has a retro feel, but at the same time, it’s progressive, with a new style of pickup that hasn’t been done before.”

Telling Fender the guitar “looks like you’ve been mining for coal with it,” the West Virginia native’s new axe features plenty of flair. There’s the beautiful black-sparkle finish with worn-in accents to mimic years of use on the road. It has a V-shaped neck for quick and comfortable finger movement. And best of all, it features a secret extra pickup, hidden underneath the paisley-patterned pick guard.

“We view our Artist Signature Series as a significant way to honor the sound, style and talents of the artists who have made Fender who we are today,” said Justin Norvell, EVP, Fender Products. “The creation of this guitar was driven by two amazing stories. One is the story of a nearly 75 year-old guitar made for professional players that still is heard today on hit records. And alongside it is Brad’s story; taking the elements of classical country music and continuing delivering hit after hit in the modern era. With Brad’s suggestion to add the hidden pickup that opens up new sounds while keeping its traditional stripped-down nature, this guitar tells both of these stories. Anyone who purchases one can help write the next chapter.”

“I’m biased because it’s got my name on it,” Paisley says of the new guitar. “But everyone I’ve talked to that’s played it – they’re in disbelief. These guitars have a magic to them.”

This is actually the second time Brad Paisley has teamed up to create a signature guitar with Fender, so fans can officially start a collection. In 2017, they released the Brad Paisley Road Worn Telecaster.