Brad Paisley Helps Couple with Baby Gender Reveal at Concert

A couple asked Brad Paisley to help them reveal the gender of their third child on-stage in St. Louis! 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brad Paisley Helps Couple with Baby Gender Reveal at Concert

During his show in St. Louis on Sunday (8/7), Brad Paisley revealed some huge news to the lucky fans in attendance. But it had nothing to do with Paisley himself surprisingly enough.

The country singer took some time during his concert to invite up a married couple on stage that happened to be carrying a sign regarding their future. With both pink and blue signs represented, the couple asked Paisley if he would help them out with revealing the sex of their soon-to-be baby. Like the champ he is, the “Without a Fight” singer agreed to be the bearer of good news.

In the revealing of the baby’s sex, Paisley was handed an envelope by the couple. While stalling for time to open the sealed papers, he jokingly inquired about the couple and their relationship. Finding out that they were married and parents to two girls, Paisley made quite the hilarious comment right before the ultimate reveal.

“Did you also do the DNA test,” he said, as the couple laughed while anxiously awaiting the news.

Paisley made a couple more cheeky comments before gladly reading the notes that the baby will be a little boy. The crowd roared in excitement over the reveal while the couple kissed and then consulted the notes Paisley was holding.

Take a peek at the sweet video to see the big news!