Brad Paisley Gifts New Guitar to Nashville Bombing Victim

McCoy is beyond grateful for the kind gesture.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brad Paisley Gifts New Guitar to Nashville Bombing Victim
Brad Paisley; Photo credit: Justin Kaicles

After a musician lost everything in the Christmas Day explosion in Nashville, Brad Paisley is lending a hand with a very simple gift.

Nashville resident Buck McCoy was one of many victims who was affected by the bombing, with many of his valuables suffering extensive damage. While McCoy’s favorite guitar was in need of a good repair, Paisley decided to step in and help a fellow musician get back to the stage.

“I went to my Instagram; and there was a message; and I was like, this must be some kind of prank. You know, one of my funny buddies saying let’s cheer Buck up. No, it was actually him; and he wanted to talk to me; and he said I want to hook you up with a guitar so you can get back to work and make a living,” McCoy said in an interview with WKRN.

McCoy said he and Paisley then shared a 30 minute phone call to talk about guitars, music and family before the “Last Time for Everything” singer offered to buy him a new set of strings to get him back to work.

Paisley also offered up unlimited groceries to McCoy from his nonprofit, The Store, until he gets back on his feet.

He wasn’t the only one to reach out to McCoy after the explosion; Big and Rich’s John Rich gave McCoy a call to show his support as he regularly plays rounds at Rich’s Broadway bar, Redneck Riviera. Rich even gave McCoy a shoutout on Twitter to let fans know that things were on the up and up for McCoy.

“INCREDIBLE NEWS!! Our fellow musician, friend and regular @RedneckRiviera@rnrbarnash performer @Buckstergop#BuckMcCoy just recovered his guitar, and his cat from the debris from the #NashvilleBombing We all love ya bro! I know you’re so happy to have them back,” Rich wrote.

Three people were hospitalized with injuries due to the bombing. No motive has been found at this time.