Brad Paisley Shines a Light on ‘Regular Heroes’ in Amazon Video Series

Watch 'The Farmer, the Mechanic, and the Bus Driver' today!

Written by Chris Parton
Brad Paisley Shines a Light on ‘Regular Heroes’ in Amazon Video Series
Brad Paisley; Photo courtesy of Regular Heroes

Brad Paisley does his part to honor those going above and beyond the call of duty through the COVID-19 pandemic in a new series, appearing on an episode of Amazon’s Regular Heroes.

Available for streaming today (June 19) on Amazon Prime Video, the heartwarming series is all about surprising the nation’s essential workers with much needed support, aiming to highlight their personal sacrifice and the effects of their generosity.

Filmed over the last few weeks, Paisley’s appears as a narrator and guest on Episode 6, titled The Farmer, the Mechanic, and the Bus Driver. It shines a light on three everyday superheroes making a huge difference, including Daniel Hayden (a poultry farmer in Whitesville, Kentucky, helping keep food banks stocked and educating kids about humane farming); Francisco Gomez (a mechanic in San Antonio, Texas, who repairs the firetrucks and ambulances which are under increased demand during the pandemic); and Tiffany Underwood (a bus driver in Seattle, Washington, helping healthcare workers, grocery store employees and more get to and from work so the rest of us can stay safe). Each will have their story told and then receive a special donation so they can continue to pay their bravery forward, and hopefully helping inspire others to do the same.

The series debuted on May 8 and has already highlighted other celebrities like Alicia Keys, Kevin Hart, Nick Jonas, Kelly Rowland and Chris Paul, and future episodes will include the likes of NFL star J.J. Watt. Viewers can find it on Amazon Prime Video now, and its just the latest example of Paisley doing all he can to lift up those making a difference in these tough times. His current single is the teamwork-celebrating “No I in Beer.”