Brantley Gilbert Admits He ‘Cried Like a Baby’ At His Wedding

Brantley Gilbert Admits He ‘Cried Like a Baby’ At His Wedding

Brantley Gilbert, Amber

He may look pretty tough on the outside, but Brantley Gilbert is quite the softie on the inside.

During a recent interview with Country Countdown USA, the “One Hell Of An Amen” singer revealed that he couldn’t hold back the tears on the day he and Amber Cochran tied the knot.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret: I cried like a baby,” he said during the interview. “She’s got a piece of my heart that nobody’s ever touched before.” (How sweet is that?!)

The newlyweds, who have known each other for 10 years, are already talking about expanding their family. And if the way Gilbert treats his dog is any indication of how he will be with their kids, Cochran is in trouble.

“She says I’m gonna be putty,” the Georgia native admits. “Well, the way I treat Sylo like I love my dog, right, and he can’t do a whole lot wrong. Like, if he does, he does somethin’ and he’s a pitbull but he’s cute as hell, I don’t know how that works. He’s just awesome.”

He says Amber thinks there’s going to be a little good cop/bad cop thing going on when their children come along, “She says I let him get away with anything, I’m just gonna be worse with kids.”

While they enjoy being a family of two for now, Cochran and Gilbert will be traveling the country together this summer while Gilbert performs on Kenny Chesney‘s The Big Revival Tour.