Brantley Gilbert Rides in Style in ‘The Ones That Like Me’ Video

Gilbert shows a more personal side with the music video, giving an in-depth look to his life outside the country music world among family and friends.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brantley Gilbert Rides in Style in ‘The Ones That Like Me’ Video
Brantley Gilbert and Amber; Photo via YouTube

Brantley Gilbert rolls back into the place he calls home in the new music video for “The Ones That Like Me.”

Hopping on board of his motorcycle along with a gang of guys, Gilbert travels along the beautiful countryside until finding himself among family and friends enjoying the simpler things. From sharing a few laughs while gathered around in the backyard to playing around in the field, the singer looks calm and comfortable hanging out with loved ones.

Gilbert even cherishes an intimate moment with his wife before she gave birth to their little one, rubbing her stomach and smiling proudly for what their future holds.

Just as the video shows Gilbert’s authentic personality around the people he cares about most, the singer wanted a tour that replicated that same vibe. Naming it after the single, Gilbert hopes people who head out to his shows can connect with the positive message he plans to keep following through on.

“I want to call it something that speaks to what this tour is: a chance for me to get together with all the people out there who get this music, who believe in these songs and live their lives just like the people back home do. We are all proud Americans, who try to stand up and do the right thing. That isn’t marketing, that’s life – and that’s what my music is made of,” Gilbert said of his The Ones That Like Me Tour.

Fans can see Gilbert rock out on “The Ones That Like Me” while he’s on the road touring this winter. More details and ticket information can be found on his website.