Brantley Gilbert Works with Pedigree to Pair Veterans with Support Dogs

Brantley Gilbert wanted to give veterans relief from the struggles they face post-service by presenting them with support dogs.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brantley Gilbert Works with Pedigree to Pair Veterans with Support Dogs
Brantley Gilbert; Photo Courtesy of The Valory Music Co.

They always say, “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Brantley Gilbert looked upon that ‘paw-pular’ statement and decided to work with Pedigree on an initiative to support veterans all across the country.

In recent times, support animals have become a happy outlet for people with struggling times or difficult situations. For veterans coming back from treacherous wars or life-changing battles, the pets allow them to cope with their stress by way of taking care of a new friend. Inspired by his song, “One Hell of an Amen,” Gilbert decided to team up with Pedigree to provide veterans with the opportunity to take a new pal home as a companion for love during their difficult moments.

“There is nothing like the loyalty, love and companionship of a dog,” said Gilbert in a press release. “For some people, a dog can connect unlike even a best friend and for those who gave beyond the call of duty to our nation, I love the idea of matching them up with a trained companion dog to help them get their lives to a better place.”

Throughout his tour, Gilbert will honor eight valiant veterans by gifting them with a dog as well as paying for the costs of training and food for up to a year. Jason Hassinger, a Marine Infantryman who served in three tours, is one of the lucky ones who will find comfort in his own support animal as gifted by Gilbert and the Pedigree team.

Thanking Gilbert for his dedication to the troops, Hassinger couldn’t be more honored by the relationship he’s established with the country singer.

“’One Hell of an Amen’ makes me think very much of my times in the Marines. More importantly than my service to this great nation, this song reminds me of all of our other brothers we lost over the course of my three deployments overseas. In one of his many interviews, Gilbert mentions he has late night phone calls where he talks with military vets who are battling demons. I, like Gilbert, have had late night phone calls with friends to lend a listening ear when they need it most. Both of us like providing service to others,” Hassinger explained.

Brantley Gilbert’s The Ones That Like Me Tour kicked off on February 1, and will run throughout the spring until May 12.