Brantley Gilbert’s Grandfather Passes Away

Brantley Gilbert’s Grandfather Passes Away

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Our thoughts are with Brantley Gilbert and his family as they are mourn the loss of Gilbert’s grandfather.

Gilbert received the news of grandpa’s passing while honeymooning with his new wife, Amber Cochran.

“I was actually on my honeymoon when I got the call, it was 2:30 in the morning, my uncle Bill called me, and my wife was sitting beside me and asked, ‘Are you OK?’ And I said, ‘Yeh I’m gonna walk outside for a minute,’ and I did, and didn’t know if I was gonna break down, I didn’t know what I felt. I was in shock,” Gilbert explains to Country Countdown USA.

The Georgia native said that after the news set in he immediately thought of his current hit “One Hell Of An Amen” and how it applied to the situation he and his family were in. “I’ve been preaching about this song being for everybody, how other people are finding a way to relate to this song, and I watched it happen to the guy who wrote it,” he shares. “The song took on a whole new meaning for me.”

Reflecting on his grandfather, Gilbert calls him a “fighter” and admits he could learn quite a bit from him. “[He] fought the whole way out, loved my grandmother every step of the way, she was sitting right there beside him, I hope I can love my wife like that, and live my life the way he did, and if I can that’s ‘One Hell of an Amen.’

Gilbert’s grandfather was 82, had COPD, and had battled emphysema for over 20 years. “He fought to breathe. He’s in a better place,” the singer insists.