BREAKING NEWS: Billy Currington On Stage As It Collapses

BREAKING NEWS: Billy Currington On Stage As It Collapses

UPDATE: The Calgary Herald is reporting that one person is dead and 75 were injured. Nearly 15,000 people were in the concert bowl when the bad weather hit around 6pm (8pm EST). All of Sunday’s festivities were canceled, including a performance my Tim McGraw.

UPDATE: Country singer Jessie Farrell is on the scene… she reports: “For those of you asking, @billycurtington bass player is ok but with an injured arm. Billy is bruised but ok”

UPDATE: According to internet reports, Billy and his band have all been accounted for. Some are injured, but not life threatening.


Billy Currington reportedly leaving stage after it collapsed

Billy Currington band member

(Billy Currington’s bassist leaving the main stage rubble)

Breaking news out of Canada at the Big Valley Jamboree… (via

The main stage collapsed just as Billy Currington was wrapping up his set. Emergency crews are on scene tending to the injured- we have no official word on casualties at this time. We do know that Edmonton Fire Rescue is sending help to BVJ.

Country singer Jessie Farrell gave us a dramatic account of the scene at the Big Valley Jamboree. “I finished my set and then Billy Currington went up. He was on the last song, and the whole – we’re in the dark right now because there’s no power, thousands of people, in the trade centre, in the dark, and we’re all soaking wet – and his whole band- the whole stage collapsed on them and pieces started flying everywhere- poles started flying everywhere, they can’t find their bass player and Billy Currington was hit in the head with a pole.”

Jimmy Carter is at the event and posted these pictures of the collapsed stage:




We will keep you posted as more details come in.