Brett Eldredge ‘Heartbroken’ Over His Christmas Tree Allergy

"My Christmas dreams were broken," Eldredge confesses. 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Brett Eldredge ‘Heartbroken’ Over His Christmas Tree Allergy
Brett Eldredge; Photo by Eric Liebowitz/NBC

When it comes to the Christmas season, Brett Eldredge is a happy camper. Singing classic Christmas songs and getting into the spirit of the season is just a small part of what makes the holidays special for the country crooner, but decking the halls is one of his favorite parts of it all.

“I deck out my house with Christmas stuff. Do I do it myself 100%? No. My mom is the mastermind of all the décor,” Eldredge explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media with a laugh. “I mean… if it was something really awful looking I would tell her. But other than that I’m just like, ‘Let’s go crazy. I’ll help you set it up. You tell me where to put stuff.’ And we decorate the tree.”

While he goes a bit overboard with the décor, there’s one important part of the furnishings that you won’t see in his home… a real Christmas tree.

“Well last year I got a full-blown giant freighter for a Christmas tree and I got allergic to it. And two days after [it was] in the place, two days in, I’m sneezing, I got a sore throat and I’m like, ‘What in the world?’ And low and behold, it was the Christmas tree. I was so heartbroken because I always wanted to have my own Christmas tree, a real one, in my house. I had one growing up, but [I wanted one in] my own place. So my Christmas dreams were broken and I went and got a really, really cool fake one. And that’s fine, I’ll just get candles that smell like Christmas trees I guess,” he conceded.

Despite the tree setback, the 2016 Christmas season was one to remember as Eldredge had just released his first Christmas album, Glow. The project was a dream come true for the Illinois native.

“We always talked about… one day we’re going to listen to my own Christmas album together after all these years of listening to all these Christmas classics that inspired me to make that album. So it was special,” he explained.

Glow is available for purchase in stores and online.