Brett Eldredge Comes Across Toilet Surprise on Vacation

There's a lot of gross or disgusting things one could find in a toilet bowl, but Brett Eldredge definitely came upon the most unlikely of events while heading to the bathroom during his tropical trip.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brett Eldredge Comes Across Toilet Surprise on Vacation
Brett Eldredge; Photos via Instagram

There’s a lot of gross or icky things one can find when they look in a toilet, but Brett Eldredge ran into quite the surprise when we went into his bathroom during his relaxing vacation.

Slithering in somehow through the sewage pipes, the country singer came to find a snake right in his accommodation’s toilet bowl. Rather than freak out and cause a huge disaster for he and his buddies during their trip, Eldredge filmed the saga of the snake’s journey from bowl to beach.

Taking to his Instagram to post a hilarious, yet somewhat frightening, video of their slick surprise, Eldredge explained that he was just minding his own business when he popped the lid up and found the reptile creature lying about.

Before ya go to the bathroom…DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN😳

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“It’s the morning and I was going to take a leak, start the day. You know, that’s how you start the day. And then I walk in here and what do we have but a beautiful New Year’s snake,” he laughed in great shock.

Eldredge and his friends used immense caution while successfully sliding the snake onto a stick-like object to send him back to where it belonged in the great outdoors. But of course, Eldredge had to make a joke to send his fans some advice based on the unsettling incident.

“Before you go to the bathroom…DON’T FORGET TO LOOK DOWN,” he captioned the video with a smiley face.

Eldredge is taking some well-deserved time off before heading out on the road in a few weeks with Luke Bryan for the Kill the Lights Tour. Fans can check out the dates and ticket information on his website now.