Brett Eldredge ‘Completely Ready’ to Headline After Touring with Keith Urban

"I’ve learned more from that guy than anyone in my career," Eldredge says of Urban. 

Written by Chuck Dauphin
Brett Eldredge ‘Completely Ready’ to Headline After Touring with Keith Urban
Brett Eldredge; Publicity Image

Brett Eldredge is feeling the blues this weekend, as his stint on Keith Urban’s Ripcord World Tour comes to an end with a show Saturday in Brooklyn, New York. He says it has been a glorious experience.

“I’ve toured with Keith two times now. We may do it again sometime down the road, and I’ve learned more from that guy than anyone in my career. He’s such a great person. It’s a great memory that I will never forget.” The singer, whose new Christmas album, Glow, opened up at No.2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart, said that by just watching the former CMA Entertainer of the Year, one can learn a lot. “He is such a master at what he does. There’s no one that can perform quite like that guy. The dedication that he has to his art and to his fans, and the love of being on stage is very admirable.”

The singer, currently climbing the chart with the powerful “Wanna Be That Song,” admits that he definitely can use some of what he’s learned from Urban when he launches his own headlining tour down the road. “I’ve been very fortunate in my career, and it’s gone to a level where it’s never been. I just continue to try to take those little notes every day. Now, I have a set full of hit songs. I remember a day when I had one song (“Raymond”) in the 30s that a couple people might have known. So, I’m very fortunate in that. As I build toward a headlining tour in the next few years, I feel like I am slowly adding to the list of what I want to do, and that’s from learning from the people I’ve opened for.”

He says that just like an artist such as Kenny Chesney, he’s glad to have built his career brick-by-brick. “If you come out of the gates with a massive hit, and you’re on a headlining tour, you don’t have the time to figure out how to space out your show and to really connect with the fans. So, I’ve been able to watch Keith, who is a complete pro at it, and he does it every night. Taylor Swift is the same way, along with Darius Rucker, Little Big Town, and Brad Paisley. You learn a lot of things. With that, I think I will be completely ready for my own headlining tour in the future.”

After his final stint on Urban’s Ripcord World Tour this weekend, Eldredge will make his way to the Big Apple to perform during the 90th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.