Brett Eldredge Announces His Dog Edgar’s Retirement

This good ol' boy will be missed!

Written by Chris Parton
Brett Eldredge Announces His Dog Edgar’s Retirement
Brett Eldredge; Photo credit: Greg Noire

Stars often use the “spending more time with family” explanation when they step back from the spotlight — but how often does it apply to a dog? That’s what’s happening with Edgar, the famous four-legged friend of Brett Eldredge, who is officially retiring.

Speaking on The Bobby Bones Show in an interview last month, Eldredge confirmed the sad news, explaining that Edgar will no longer be available for adorable Instagram posts or anything else — although the singer was careful to say his buddy is healthy and well.

“I don’t want to have an influencer dog anymore, I just want to spend time with him all the time,” Eldredge said. “That’s why we ended up doing it.”

After adopting the Weimaraner mix in 2016, Eldredge’s fans quickly embraced the energetic pup, and soon he had his own Instagram account. Edgar became a celebrity in his own right, making public appearances and even starring in a special cut of the in 2018 music video for “Love Someone.” But every good thing eventually comes to an end, and now that his Instagram account has been deleted, this “good ol’ boy” is leaving country music behind. The job well done surely deserves a special treat!

Despite the disappointing news, Brett Eldredge says he’ll carry on with his part of the career. The vocal stunner released his Sunday Drive album in 2020, which includes the Top 40 track “Gabrielle,” and he and his human family recently partnered with Omaze in support of the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville.