Brett Eldredge Is In The Holiday Spirit With ‘Glow 2.0′

Merry Christmas, y'all! Brett Eldredge is giving us all the gift of music when he releases his follow-up to his holiday album, Glow.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Brett Eldredge Is In The Holiday Spirit With ‘Glow 2.0′
Brett Eldredge; Cover art courtesy Warner Music Nashville

Christmas has come early for Brett Eldredge fans as the singer is working on his next collection of holiday songs. Just weeks after posting a teaser to Instagram, the singer has confirmed that Glow 2.0 is in the works for the Christmas season.

“Yeah, I’m expanding on ‘Glow,’ because ‘Glow’… First of all, when I went, the whole idea of recording a Christmas record was something that was always a dream of mine,” explained Eldredge during a recent Nashville media day. “But recording it in a way where it was the classics, and doing it in New York, recording these songs, and sipping on Whiskey, and living that career and lifestyle in New York was a dream. And then we did it, and I was hoping my fans would accept and see how honest and truthful that is for me, ’cause that’s what I wanna do. I’m not playing some character, this is me.”

Still Glowing

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With the success of the first project, Eldredge just knew he had to return to the holiday spirit and put his big band brand on some of the classics. To revive his old school feeling from the last record, the Illinois native retraced his steps, living in New York City and taking in the beating heart of the bustling mecca.

“I went back with the same guys that we made the original ‘Glow’ record with, and we started recording in New York again,” he recalled. “I stayed in New York, and lived there for several days again, and just got in that environment, and the music turned out magic again. And just hearing those horns, and the strings, and being there just feeling that is a recording process, and a feeling, and making music that I’ve never really had, it’s incredible.”

Though we’re still months away from Santa’s season, Eldredge admitted that it wasn’t hard to get into the holiday spirit and bring Christmas cheer into the recording studio.

“I’m in the Christmas spirit at all times,” he said with a chuckle. “I’ve always said some of the last magic in this world is in Christmas music. I just think there’s nothing that makes me feel like that. And I want that to be a part of as many people as I can want it to be part of their Christmas and holiday traditions. So I’m very passionate about it, and I think I can make myself feel Christmas-y any time of the week, any time of the year.”

While Eldredge has yet to reveal when the new songs will be released, he hopes to have it out in time to become the perfect stocking stuffer this year.