Brett Eldredge Gives a Tour of His Favorite Places in Nashville

From a local juice bar to a hidden jazz club, Eldredge knows "The Long Way" around Music City.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brett Eldredge Gives a Tour of His Favorite Places in Nashville
Brett Eldredge; Photo via Instagram

It’s been more than a decade that Brett Eldredge picked up and moved to follow his dream in Nashville. Now he wants to show his fans where he likes to take “The Long Way” around his new town.

Hosting Sounds Like Nashville and a group of other media members in Music City, Eldredge gave the rundown on some of his favorite and most memorable spots around the area. Kicking off the afternoon by bragging about his “pee plaque” on the side of the Warner Music Nashville building, he reminisced on his college adventures involving way too much cheap Kentucky whiskey and false courage.

Back in the day when Eldredge had a little too much to drink, he’d wander over to Music Row and find himself taking a leak on the wall of his now record label. Always dreaming of scoring a deal with Warner, Eldredge can’t believe he landed with a label he loves so dearly and a commemorative honor to remember the good times in his younger and wilder years.

Everyone hopped on the bus en route to the Illinois native’s first-ever apartment in Nashville, right off of the West End area. After brutal peer pressure and a second of bravery, Eldredge even knocked on the door of his former home away from home to no one’s arrival. He didn’t seem to mind though as the memories flooding back were enough to make him smile.

Music Row was the next portion of the journey, with Eldredge pointing out different studios and houses that he wrote some of his biggest hits in. Passing by the grounds of Belmont University, the singer divulged that he once auditioned to be a cast member at Dollywood in one of the university’s buildings, but decided not to deal with that big of a commitment.

Next stop took the bus over to the Waverly and Berry Hill neighborhoods of Nashville, where Eldredge lived in a tiny bedroom with his brother. Despite making it on the country charts by that time, the singer admitted that he never stayed in town for too long and the spare bed worked just fine for his busy schedule.

The original trouble maker

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When he was around though, Eldredge would post up at Urban Juicer and kick his health back into gear with their fresh and organic menu options. Herding everyone into the tiny juicery, Eldredge bought a round of shots on him but reassured they were the nutritious kind packed with antioxidants to flush out those sick germs going around this time of year.

Called the “hot shot,” Eldredge and Co. shot the concoction straight with an apple slice chaser to rejuvenate the masses before heading to the final location. Hinting at his knack for records from Frank Sinatra and Al Green, it was off to the Gulch for a surprise performance from Eldredge himself at Rudy’s Jazz Club. Tucked away from all the madness of downtown but centered right in the heart of Nashville, its sultry lighting and cozy atmosphere transports anyone who walks in back in time to the days of glitz and glamour.

Eldredge revealed that listening to jazz always makes him want to sip some whiskey neat and dress up in a tux, so he soulfully channeled that classy feeling into his mini acoustic performance. Ending the tour off in a place that Eldredge considers to be his hideaway, it truly felt as though the singer took “The Long Way” and wound up right where he belongs.

“The Long Way” is featured as a part of Eldredge’s recent self-titled album, which is available now.