Brett Eldredge Reveals Which Country Album Shaped His Life and Career

"I connect with it in such a special way," the Illinois native shared. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Brett Eldredge Reveals Which Country Album Shaped His Life and Career
Brett Eldredge; Photo by Suzi Pratt/WireImage

Never in a million years did Brett Eldredge think he would one day be standing alongside the artists he grew up listening to, but dreams do come true every day.

Eldredge has admits to being a fan of a variety of artists, from Sinatra to Ray Charles. In the country world though, he had one record on repeat for most of his life. Citing Brooks & Dunn’s Greatest Hits album as the most influential project toward his own career, Eldredge looks back and can’t imagine many incredible memories without their songs blowing through the speakers.

“Brooks & Dunn…I mean their Greatest Hits record—they had so many just incredible singles and songs that just felt like where I was living in lyrics and Ronnie, that giant voice and the songs that he and Kix were writing and everything,” Eldredge recently shared with Sounds Like Nashville and other media. “I connect with it in such a special way.”

One of his favorite memories is riding around in an old boat jamming to the album.

“I was riding along in my old Rinker boat called ‘Bessie,’ it was a trusty old boat that kept running for some reason. It wasn’t anything fancy. We put a car CD player in the boat and we wore that CD out several times we had to buy several more of them,” Eldredge recalled.

Not only did Eldredge look up to the iconic country duo as a source of inspiration for his own career, he has been lucky enough to strike up friendships with both of members of the iconic duo. He continues to value their advice and authentic country spirit, which Eldredge only hopes to replicate in his own sound.

“I got on stage the other day with Ronnie Dunn and to think back to that record that shaped me and I‘ve got to sing with him a couple times now and become a friend of his…that’s so weird but it’s so strange and so unique and he’s also been so great to me and Kix is the same. He’s been such a good pal to me too, so I would say that’s a huge record in my past and present,” he said.

Eldredge will join Luke Bryan on the Huntin’, Fishin’, and Lovin’ Every Day Tour this summer. Fans can find more information about the tour on his website.