Brett Kissel Celebrates Women in ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ Video

The Canadian country star tips his hat to women everywhere in this empowering video.

Written by Drew Pearce
Brett Kissel Celebrates Women in ‘She Drives Me Crazy’ Video
Brett Kissel; Photo credit: Jess Baumung

Canadian cowboy Brett Kissel released an empowering, female-centric music video for “She Drives Me Crazy,” the latest single off his new album, Now or Never.

Directed by Emma Higgins and Kissel, the video was made with an almost all-female cast and crew. The clip features his daughters, Mila and Aria, and the rest of the cast having fun and being themselves by dancing, playing guitar and even weight training.

She walks in like a 10 / Lookin’ knocked out / Turnin’ heads, drop me dead / Spinnin’ right round,” the country crooner sings in the opening verse over some finger snaps and a groovy guitar line. The upbeat track soon builds up to an explosive chorus that blends classic country twang with a pulsing, EDM-inspired beat.

Kissel debuted Now or Never at the top of the year, releasing the full project on January 1. The project marked his first U.S. album debut.

“This album symbolizes where I’m at in my life right now,” he says in an official statement. “It’s time to risk it all. It’s time to raise the bar. I’m not waiting for tomorrow. … New songs and a new direction. That was the goal. Often, a ‘new direction’ means straying from the original path. Some songs we kept on the path I’ve always walked. Some songs took me in the direction of my roots. Some songs took me in a new direction into uncharted waters. This album will have something for everybody.”

Kissel is currently gearing up for a wild 2020, which will consist of U.S. tour dates, musical collaborations and more single and video releases.