Brett Young Talks Being a ‘Girl Dad’ and Shares Father’s Day Plans

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Brett Young Talks Being a ‘Girl Dad’ and Shares Father’s Day Plans
Brett Young; Photo credit: The Riker Brothers

Brett Young and his wife Taylor will be welcoming their second baby girl this summer. The country music couple are already parents to their 1-year-old daughter, Presley, and the addition of another girl to the family officially cements Young’s “girl dad” status. Young told Sounds Like Nashville that he’s ecstatic to have another girl, and although he has always wanted a boy as well, a recent playdate with friends who have two young boys made him even more grateful to have daughters.

“Their oldest daughter and my nine-month-old daughter just sat on the couch, very chill, hanging out, while the two boys chased each other around the coffee table for two hours straight and never stopped screaming and throwing things at each other,” Young told a group of reporters, including SLN. “I went, in my head, I never said this to my wife, I was like, ‘Oh god, I hope the second one’s a girl.’ So, it’s such a blessing.”

Young has a half-sister, but mainly grew up alongside his brother, so he’s still learning how to be a dad to a daughter. But as he sings in his latest No. 1 hit, “Lady,” his wife Taylor is there to help teach their daughters everything they need to know.

“It’s challenging because I’ve never been a woman, I don’t know what her challenges are going to be in life, but that’s what ‘Lady’ was all about,” says Young. “She’s got her mama for that, so I just get to be the big ol’ dad that she runs and jumps in bed and watches cartoons with. It’s been perfect.”

Brett and Taylor are currently getting ready for the impending arrival of their second baby girl, and little Presley is too, even if she doesn’t fully grasp the fact that she’s soon to be a big sister. But Young believes she’ll make for a great older sibling.

“She knows mommy has something in her tummy and it’s really cute, [and] she touches mommy’s tummy, but I don’t think she’s quite old enough. She’s only eighteen months, so explaining to her, she doesn’t really get it,” says the singer. “But over the last couple of months, we’ve watched her start to mimic the way that my wife is with her. The way Taylor is kind of nurturing and takes care of her, she’s starting to do those things with her little dolls, which is so precious. So, that nurturing side of her is very clearly there.”

Father’s Day is coming up, and Young is looking forward to spending the special holiday with his parents, who recently made the move from California to Tennessee, and possibly Taylor’s parents.

“We will be together as a family for sure and it’s so fun to celebrate Father’s Day and not only get to be with my dad, but now to get to be with my daughter as well,” he says.

In addition to preparing for his family’s new arrival, Young has been busy making new music as well. His new album, Weekends Look A Little Different These Days, was released on June 4th.