Brett Young Savors the Moment in ‘Here Tonight’

Brett Young wants to soak in the moment and live in it for awhile in his new single, "Here Tonight." Check out the song's new music video!

Written by Lauren Laffer
Brett Young Savors the Moment in ‘Here Tonight’
Brett Young; Photo via YouTube

Brett Young’s sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., debuted on December 7. To kick off the project, Young led with the single “Here Tonight,” co-written by the California native and Ben Caver, Justin Ebach and Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley.

“’Here Tonight’ is a song that kind of came from a conversation I was having with Charles and Ben and Justin, just about those moments in your life—if you’re lucky enough to have them—where you’re having an incredible moment, and in the middle of it you have this thought that comes to you. And that thought is, I wish that this moment could last forever. You know, it’s so good that if I could, I would live this moment for the rest of my life,” Young shared of the writing process.

He continued, “As we were writing, it became something even more simple than that, and it just was kind of an idea of writing a song where no matter what that moment might be, anybody listening to this song could make it their moment that they wish could last forever. And that’s how we came up with ‘Here Tonight.’”

To channel the message of the song, Young debuted the accompanying music video, featuring a couple heading out for a romantic night on the town. The clip captures the couple as they get ready for their date night, leaving their home as lightning flashes in the distance. Suddenly a torrential downpour falls, drenching them as they head to their car. Stuck in the front seat, the two share a sultry exchange, soaking in the moment–despite being soaking wet.

Ticket to L.A. is available everywhere now.